Edge of Greatness

The pursuit of excellence can be overwhelming and daunting. There are many things that people must do to find greatness and to achieve ultimate success. It has been my motivation and purpose to help unlock the keys to success and to formulate better ways for people to pursue their dreams and ultimately achieve the success they desire. Too often people are faced with adversity and setbacks during their quest for success and it pushes them away from their goals. Many times it happens when we are so close to finally achieving a breakthrough on our path.

During my years as a athlete, coach, trainer, and business owner I’ve faced many obstacles, setbacks, and adversity. Through my writing, podcast, and coaching I aim to show people strategies to achieve their dreams while understanding how to overcome the setbacks that are bound to come up along the way. Nothing great is achieved without overcoming some amount of adversity. When we choose to stretch ourselves and pursue excellence we step outside our comfort zone, and when doing so, we open ourselves up to failure. Failure isn’t wrong or bad, but part of the process to true excellence and success.

With a shift in the way we see failure, and how we choose to pursue excellence we can all achieve greatness. Through this page I hope to expand my reach and impact the lives of more people who are struggling to stay committed to their goals, dealing with adversity and failure, unsure of how to build quality habits, and ways to create consistent success. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and talking with successful people who all agree that the best way to greatness is through the adversity and failure, not avoiding it. Together we can navigate the murky waters and find our way to calmer, better seas.

For those looking to connect with me, my name is Charles Schultz and I’ve been on the path to pursuing greatness for many years. I’m always looking to learn more and grow through my experiences and failures to teach others about the best path to success. I hope this helps you all feel more confident in your quest for greatness. You are not alone in your struggles, you are not alone in your failures, you are not alone in your fear or negative thoughts of whether you’re capable of making it. Just remember when those negatives get loudest, we are closest to our next breakthrough.




I’m a gym owner, coach, writer, speaker, podcaster. It is my goal to spread a message of positivity and inspire those around me to pursue greatness everyday.

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Charles Schultz

Charles Schultz

I’m a gym owner, coach, writer, speaker, podcaster. It is my goal to spread a message of positivity and inspire those around me to pursue greatness everyday.

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